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Ask a Pawn Shop: Do You Need Papers to Sell a Rolex or Other Designer Watch?

Selling diamonds is the best option if you want to earn extra money. But why not sell your Rolex as well if you no longer want it? Rolex watches are among the most prestigious luxury watch brands in the world, and their value decreases much less than many other luxury goods.

However, you could not have the piece’s documentation depending on how you acquired it. This is particularly likely if you bought the watch at an antique shop or inherited it. Or perhaps, after many years, you just misplaced the paperwork. Don’t be alarmed, it happens! Read on to learn what your options are and contact USA Pawn at 601-501-7296 if you are ready to sell your items to a pawn shop.

Regarding Rolex Papers

Rolex papers serve as guarantees and warranties. Along with the time and place of purchase, they also list the serial number of the watch. The records are frequently referred to as “certificates.” Rolex switched to plastic cards in place of the paper certificates in 2006. These cards, which are electronically activated, contain the same data as paper documents.

Your watch may thus have actual papers or a guarantee card, depending on when it was made. Either way, these types of paperwork are sometimes referred to as “papers.”

Rolex Without Papers for Sale

A Rolex with papers is typically worth more than one without. If it still contains the original packaging, the same applies. But what if the paperwork for your Rolex is missing? You’ll be relieved to learn that you can still sell your Rolex.

After all, Rolex watches are highly sought-after timepieces. Even if they lack any documents, they are still quite valuable. In addition, your Rolex’s value is affected by factors other than papers. These consist of:

  • Model Serial No.
  • Materials
  • General condition

Even less significance should be placed on the papers if you plan to sell your vintage Rolex. Usually, the less important such papers are, the older the watch is.

Sell Us Your Rolex or Other Designer Watch or Jewelry

If you have a Rolex, designer watch, or other luxury jewelry, we welcome your call to USA Pawn at 601-501-7296. You could also stop by one of our several locations. We are here to offer you top dollar whether you want to sell your item or take out a pawn loan.

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