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Vintage Items Are Always in Style!

Vintage Items Are Always in Style!The search for vintage items has become a real shopping quest for this generation from GenX to Millenniums. Items such as guitars, bags, Nike shoes and vintage T-shirts are just a small part of what folks are searching for these days.

They can be found almost anywhere today. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, ebay, malls, antique shops and flea markets lead the way. However shopping these places can be quite risky if you are not educated in the used market place. There are counterfeiters at every corner waiting on unsuspecting shoppers just like you.

Every year US Customs confiscates hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of counterfeit merchandise. Here at USA Pawn customers bring in merchandise they purchased thinking they are genuine for us to test. One of the more popular counterfeit items is the Louis Vuitton fashion line.

We buy and sell Louis Vuitton with the help of a system called Entrupy. It uses a camera to scan the materials and stitching within certain bags and belts to help us guarantee these items. So for your next Louis Vuitton bag or designer handbag wholesale, remember you can shop at USA Pawn with complete confidence and know the item you are buying is the real deal.

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