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USA Pawn and Kona gift Ralph Miller a guitar

In a social media post, USA Pawn announced that the manufacturer of Kona guitars has gifted local musician Ralph Miller a specially made guitar.

During a break at a party hosted by USA Pawn’s owner Nick Fulton, where Ralph Miller was playing the music, a conversation sparked about the type of guitar Miller used. Miller revealed he played Kona brand guitars, to which Fulton responded, ‘We sell Kona’s in our store,’ and mentioned the store in Vicksburg. Miller’s reply was, ‘That is where I bought my guitar.’

“Killer story, I talked about it on Facebook,” said Fulton. One of the reps from MM Merchandisers, where we buy our Kona guitars, said ‘hey, that’s an awesome story! We want to send him a new guitar.”

And they did. The guitar was presented to Miller at USA Pawn on Warrenton, “I want to present this to Ralph and tell him thank you for doing business here at USA Pawn.”

Miller said on social media, ” These guitars have a clear crisp sound, very comfortable to hold and fret.”

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