Most Frequently Asked Questions

State issued ID or driver’s license, Be over 18 years of age, and merchandise for collateral.

No! As a matter of fact, if you default on your loan, you can still continue to borrow from us.

If you are active military as a spouse or a dependent of one, you qualify for a 36% APR loan.

There are many determining factors for how much an item is worth including age/condition of an item, supply and demand for an item, and the internet with retailers’ prices for that item.

Gold is measured by its weight and its purity. The price also changes daily, so a team member will need to determine the given value at the store.

Yes! With the price of gold always retaining some value we always will give money on any piece no matter how broken it is!

Anything that is purchased in the store someone can use a debit or credit card. On loan payments, only debit cards can be used.

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