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Five Ways USA Pawn’s Layaway Program Helps Customers Combat Inflation

Five Ways USA Pawn’s Layaway Program Helps Customers Combat InflationMississippi shoppers know that USA Pawn is the best place to shop for savings and selection on fine jewelry, guns and ammo, tools and equipment, televisions and electronics, household items, and everything in-between. Now, costs are rising and consumers are looking for even more ways to save including layaway which is the least expensive way to pay for purchases over time. Here’s how layaway works:

  1. You shop for the items that you want at any of our store locations.
  2. You make a first payment on the item(s) and then we’ll hold them for you.
  3. Every month, you pay more towards the total. There’s no charge or interest on layaway, what the items cost is what you pay.
  4. Once you’ve paid the total amount due, you pick up your items.
  5. If you change your mind, we’ll give you all of your money back in the form of a store credit, there’s no restocking fee or service charge.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple. But what makes layaway such a smart choice? Here are a few of the benefits of USA Pawn’s easy layaway program:

  1. Layaway allows customers to keep their items securely stored while they’re paying their purchase off, which makes it perfect for Christmas gifts that might otherwise be discovered by the recipient.
  2. Layaway customers don’t have to settle for what they can afford today, they can instead purchase the more expensive items that they want including fine jewelry, firearms and ammo, designer watches, and luxury handbags.
  3. When you find something unique or desirable, you don’t have to save the money and hope it is still there later; just put it into layaway!
  4. There’s no interest or fees, our layaway is completely free and requires no credit check or hassle.
  5. When you buy an item via layaway at USA Pawn, you can always sell it back to us or pawn it if you need cash in the future.

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